Reporting & evaluations

Comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting functions including sales and profitability analysis.


Countless preconfigured evaluation lists are available right from the start. Based on rental items or objects, invoices, customers, rentals and much more. If you are missing specific evaluations, please contact us. We will be happy to create the desired evaluations for you.
Reporting Übersicht

Sales evaluations

Turnover is displayed clearly and in real time within Rentsoft. The allocation between payments and financial accounts enables detailed evaluations for different areas. The history shows exactly which months are the strongest months in terms of turnover and in which there may be potential for optimisation.

Profitability evaluations

Due to to sophisticated programming, Rentsoft enables you to carry out a specific evaluation to check the profitability of individual rental properties. Here you can see at a glance whether a rental property acquisition has been profitable or not.

Customer evaluations

You want to know your best customers, see their exact sales history and perhaps give them a treat. No problem with Rentsoft.

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