About us

“We shape the future with our customers”
Our team has been working in the rental and mobility industry for years and is constantly researching new trends and technologies so that we can provide you with the best advice to achieve your and our goals together.
Rentsoft GmbH



Start of development work on the Rentsoft ERP system.


Rentsoft is founded in Sauerlach by Markus Kienzl and Tobias Engelsberger. Both entrepreneurs are still operationally active in leading positions in the company.


1st financing round: Russmedia joins Rentsoft.


Implementation of the enterprise business and massive expansion of development capacities.


2nd financing round: Russmedia remains the sole partner and intensifies the relationship.


Leading web- & cloud-based ERP system for rental companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The founders

Tobias Engelsberger
Tobias Engelsberger
CEO Rentsoft
"Our goal for Rentsoft is to create an innovative and modern rental software that enables our customers to digitally map and simplify processes from their everyday working environment"
Markus Kienzl
Markus Kienzl
CTO Rentsoft
"The launch of the enterprise business was a milestone in the company's history. The further development of the software has accelerated enormously and the opportunities in the standard business are also growing rapidly"

russmedia – a long-term partner

Russmedia Equity Partners invests in sophisticated quality products with a focus on the rental market in over 16 locations across Europe with more than 1000 employees. The portfolio of rental companies includes, for example:

TierCampandaErentoAlpineresortsPaul CamperZIZOO
Click here to view the complete portfolio: https://www.russmediaequitypartners.com/

As a traditional family business, the focus is on the profitability and long-term nature of the investments.

We are convinced that founders & employees who are on a profitable growth path are central to the company’s success. We see ourselves as competent and professional companions and help where we are needed.