Invoicing & finances

Create and manage GoBD-compliant invoices with just a few clicks.

Invoices & invoice management

Invoices can be created and managed in Rentsoft in a GoBD-compliant manner with just a few clicks. The dedicated invoice module provides a quick overview. Characteristics such as payment term, invoice date or payment method can be easily adjusted in the invoices. If necessary, completed invoices can be subsequently edited using a special editing mode. The tax mechanism can be selected when the invoice is created. This means that intra-community invoices or invoices without tax to foreign countries can be created quickly. Dynamic placeholders are available for the respective tax text, which can be adapted as required.
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Open items & reminders

Due invoices are automatically highlighted based on the due date and displayed on an “open items” list. From here, the customer can be quickly informed of the outstanding invoice by e-mail. In principle, dunning procedures can be created individually or automatically for each invoice. The number of reminders, the reminder interval and reminder fees can be selected freely.

Serial invoices

Invoices that are repeated over a certain period of time can be generated automatically with Rentsoft and sent to the customer by email. A number of placeholders are also available for individual invoice items, for example to issue service increases continually. Serial invoices can be created at the following intervals: Every 14 days, monthly, every 3 months, semi-annually and annually.

Cash book

Rentsoft has two different ways of recording payments, one of which is the cashbook function, which, like invoices, is subject to GoDB principles. The cashbook function allows you to easily manage your cash receipts and expenses and gives you an insight into the current cash balance at any time. Cash books can be posted on a monthly basis for safekeeping.

Payment entry

The functions for recording payments run through the entire Rentsoft application and can be edited in the corresponding modules. This means that payments for your bookings or invoices can be recorded and processed quickly and easily.


All your business processes can be easily transferred to DATEV or lexware via an interface. The export and transfer to the tax consultant is also simple and straightforward.
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