Data management

Clear customer management, property management and warehouse function for higher capacity utilisation.

Customer management

The clear customer management system allows you to manage your customer data efficiently. Various tools such as the customer dashboard, the duplicate check or the full-text search support you in this. Here you can find all your customers’ important data at a glance: Customer data, delivery addresses, contact persons, files, documents, evaluations and much more. Customers can be grouped, divided into categories and even contacted by newsletter. Of course, you can export your data at any time. Furthermore, a large number of interfaces are available for customer management, for example for credit rating information from Creditreform or Schufa.

Item & object management

Rental items or objects with all relevant information can be managed and processed with the rental object management. Depending on the sector, important information is available for your company. This includes, for example: Locations, equipment details, accessories, properties, service or maintenance times, notifications, images, prices, damage, financial evaluations, GPS tracking and much more. Crucially, Rentsoft adapts the masks and input fields specifically for the relevant industry.

Warehouse function with QR codes

All additional items, small stocks or sales items for rent can be categorised in the warehouse. If required, training services, service hours or insurance can also be created here, for example. These can then be added to the corresponding rental item or object in the rental process. In addition to the back end, it is also possible to do so in the front end within the online booking. Products can be read, using a unique QR or barcode with a hand scanner, and can be automatically assigned to the corresponding process.
Lagerfunktion mit QR Codes

Role & rights structure

An intuitive roles and rights system allows you to divide your employees into groups and roles and thus grant them different access rights. The access rights can be assigned in great detail. This gives you two decisive advantages:
  • The complexity of the software is massively reduced within the roles. Each employee only sees the functionalities that are relevant to them. Everything else is hidden and not available to them. This makes the software easy to use and extremely employee-friendly.
  • In addition, you ensure that only authorised persons have access to certain levels and modules of Rentsoft. As an administrator, you always have access to all areas of Rentsoft.

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