Automation & digitisation

Automate your work processes and digitise required documents for even more efficient order processing.

Automated rent calculation

Rentsoft offers great flexibility when it comes to price settings. With over 2,400 customers, we can confidently say that we can map all price models. No matter whether short-term or long-term rentals, price groups, graduated prices, daily or hourly rates, seasonal periods, promotions, weekend campaigns or all-inclusive prices. We have the right solution. Once the prices have been assigned to the properties, items, locations or customers, they are automatically calculated and transferred to the processes. Discounts (e.g. early booking discounts) or concessions can be used flexibly or implemented permanently. There is even a voucher function in the online booking and in the back end with which discounts can be controlled and advertising can be placed. Of course, you always have the option of making individual price adjustments for regular customers, for example.
Rentsoft Mietpreisberechnung
Rentsoft Digitale Dokumente

Digital documents

Paperless working with Rentsoft is possible at any time. You will not only be working for the environment, but also extremely efficiently. All the forms and documents you use can be created digitally in Rentsoft and sent automatically. This includes, for example, rental contracts, invoices, handover and return protocols, general terms and conditions, training materials and much more. Of course, your stationery is used to comply with CI specifications. Digital signatures can be accepted directly at the rental property on the tablet or smartphone. When creating digital documents, you can either use the numerous Rentsoft templates or we can create your own documents that you already use.

Digital handover & return

Rentsoft offers you the option of digitally processing handover and return lists or protocols. Your employees process a digital checklist with the customer directly at the rental item or object. A handover or return with a smartphone or tablet directly at the rental property on site, for example, can be processed much more efficiently and quickly.
Rentsoft Übergabe Rückgabe
Rentsoft digitale Checklisten

Digital checklists

Checklists can be created in the modules: transactions, sales, rental properties and customers. They are a frequently used way of safeguarding processes and storing them digitally. You can define checkpoints and edit them yourself. You can use description fields, selection boxes, dropdowns or even an image upload.

Terms of payment

Payment terms can be easily added within the online booking but also in the back end. The number of different payment methods is unlimited and can even be assigned to individual products. Percentage distributions can be created according to your wishes.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs can be calculated automatically. You have the option of having the costs calculated based on weight or distance. The distance is determined reliably and professionally via Google Geocoding and a price is set. Of course, you can also enter your own delivery costs if you work with forwarding agents, for example.

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