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Automate and simplify your communication. With Rentsoft rental software, you can stay in contact with your customers at all times.

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Rentsoft is suitable for your rental industry. We emerged from the vehicle and motorhome sector, but thanks to dynamic growth and constant development, we were able to quickly expand into other areas. Convince yourself with a test account and you will receive immediate personal support.
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Your motorhomes created within Rentsoft are clearly displayed. The customer can select their preferred motorhome and the desired rental period and view further details.

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Blue Tomato

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Newsletter despatch

By integrating interfaces from various newsletter service providers such as Newsletter2Go or Mailchimp, newsletters can be sent directly within Rentsoft. Countless ready-made e-mail templates and designs ensure that there is no need to laboriously create them. The selection of recipients can be planned in detail. You can define contact groups using the customer filters. For example, strategic marketing newsletters can be sent only to customers, who have not rented anything for more than half a year or to customers who are between 23 and 31 years old.

Direct mailing

Within Rentsoft, customers can be contacted directly by e-mail. You can use the existing system e-mail templates or create new ones yourself. A clear e-mail history provides a transparent communication history.

Internal tasks

You can store tasks for your employees and colleagues in the appointment calendar. The responsible employees are of course reminded by e-mail so that deadlines can be met at all times. A small function which, if properly maintained, also simplifies internal work processes enormously. To-dos that are not adhered to are a thing of the past.

Automatic reminders

Service intervals, maintenance or vehicle inspections can be set via the appointment calendar or via the rental property management so that Rentsoft reminds you in advance and sends e-mails. Of course, new appointment types can also be added. Alternatively, reminders and other appointments created by Rentsoft, such as handovers or returns, can be displayed in a self-updating pipeline. For example, a large monitor in your office allows each team member to see which to-dos are due next and who is responsible.
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