Process management

Create and manage new rental contracts, reservations and offers in no time at all.

Booking calendar

The booking calendar gives you a quick overview of your bookings, offers and reservations at all times. You can immediately see which appointments are blocked, reserved, booked, paid or cancelled by colour. Your employees can easily switch between the monthly, weekly and daily view. The integrated mouseover effect displays all further information as soon as the cursor hovers over a specific appointment. You can immediately create new tasks in the calendar or call up and edit existing ones. All items and objects can also be filtered and categorised for better display. Managing and renting out your vehicles has never been so easy and clear.
Rentsoft Buchungskalender

Availability check

Rentsoft has a sophisticated availability check, both for general rental objects and for individual stock items, which is used at various points within the software itself and also in the online booking. The numerous filter options (e.g. stations, start of rental, end of rental, times) or the full-text search are a great advantage for working quickly and efficiently, especially with high item and object inventories. If there is an overlap between two processes with the same rental object or a stock item, Rentsoft automatically warns and indicates the corresponding overlap.
Rentsoft Verfügbarkeitsprüfung
Rentsoft Buchungen

Reservations, offers & bookings

The easy-to-use process management makes it possible to create and manage new rental agreements, reservations and offers in no time at all. A large number of input fields and selection options are available for data entry, which can also be hidden or expanded as required. Templates for rental agreements, confirmations or conditions can be completely customised to your needs. Alternatively, you can also use ready-made templates. The tabular overview with dynamic column customisation shows all current, expired and future transactions at a glance. Bookings, reservations and offers can be quickly called up and processed from here.

Claims management

Unfortunately, detailed and complete damage management is often part of a rental. Rentsoft offers a complete damage module. In preparation, damage types and damage areas can be defined and damage drawings can be stored. Damage can then be recorded digitally and directly on the rental item or object and documented with images. Thanks to the responsive design, this can be done conveniently on the move. Of course, the corresponding invoice can also be created immediately and sent automatically.
Rentsoft Schadensmanagement

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